Toddler pushing a buggy

The Buggy Workout - Find out what's involved in the post-natal classes

The Mummy Boot Camp class lasts approximately 1 hour and is a fun circuit based class with a maximum of 15 Mums and babies

We start with a walk and move into a power walk to increase our heart rate and burn more calories! We walk for about 20 minutes and end up in the park to do some circuit based exercises. These might include jogging (or power walking), lunges, squats, dips on the bench and dyna-band exercises. We finish on the grass (bring a towel) for some Pilates and abdominal exercises and then finally a stretch!

So Mums come and join us to:

  • Tighten and tone muscles with resistance training
  • Focus on core stability fab abs and healthier back
  • Get that pelvic floor conditioned
  • Help you feel great because you will start to look great
  • Burn off excess 'babyfat'
  • Retone pelvic floor muscles
  • Help avoid/alleviate symptoms of post natal depression
  • Increase energy levels and feel better
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Make friends for yourself and your baby